I procrastinate, therefore I am.

I procrastinate, therefore I am.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bengali Poem

emono somoy giyeche jokhon kedechi apon mone,

nirobe shongopone.

jibone prothom na paoar bathaa chole gache more chere,

bondho duarete kora nere.

se duar khule, badha bhoy bhule,

rastai pa feli.

jibone prothom na paoar pore prothom noyon meli.

dekhi koto loke dhulo makha pothe choleche nijer moto;

futeche hashi karur mukhe,

karur buke khoto.

ami taderi keu hoii.

bishal ei bishho majhe ami ekok noii.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

To be or not to be anonymous

I have added a link to this blog in my webpage. Though it is rather comforting to remain anonymous, I decided against it due to a couple of reasons.

1) Since most of my friends and family members are already aware of this site, the blog was not actually anonymous after all.

2) Anonymity is sometime essential to protect freedom of expression. However, it can also be used as a cover to slander another person, and I am deliberately trying to rule out that option. As a consequence, the future posts will perhaps be on more impersonal topics.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Plan B

I am happy to be a student of Computer Science specializing in design and analysis of algorithms. But the question remains whether there is some other profession where I would have fared reasonably well. Had destiny wanted me not to grow up as a nerdy scientist, what would have been my Plan B?

One should possess a couple of qualities in order to succeed in any job: passion and caliber. The situation is quite similar to winning a girl's heart. I may have a passion for Sania Mirza, unfortunately though, she is way beyond my reach. On the other hand, I don't have a passion for Rakhi Sawant, and fortunately enough, I am way beyond her reach.

Just like millions of Indians growing up in the nineties, Cricket was my first love. Unless distracted by unimportant, mundane events such as going to school, I watched every game of team India. I attended each and every match at Eden Gardens. Further, at the cost of being immodest, let me say I had a reasonable amount of cricketing sense. But I lacked the physical stamina and eyesight to become a cricketer. Someone jokingly said, "Sayan bats like an Anil Kumble, bowls like a Rahul Dravid, and fields like a Sourav Ganguly". Can you imagine anyone else simultaneously being compared to three greats of all time!

I am extremely fond of listening to music, and a huge fan of Kishore Kumar. Once I took a serious attempt at learning how to sing. What transpired next was not much different from this clip.

So I tried my hand at painting. It took a couple of lessons and one slap from my teacher (I was only six years old at that time) to induce me to drop both my ambition to become a painter and my name from the class.

Finally, I stumbled upon something I could do well and was really passionate about, namely, reading books. It has remained a passion since early childhood. What a pity that I cannot take it up as a profession, nobody pays you for reading short stories, novels and history.