I procrastinate, therefore I am.

I procrastinate, therefore I am.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Kache ache tobu ache bohudure ,

jaane more tobu jaane na ;

dekha hoy koto, kotha hoy koto ,

kano mon tobu maane na ;

raat-bhore, koto mishti dupure

dekhechi taare je shopne ;

shopno sesob jaayni haariye -

rekhechi saajiye jotne ;

aaji ei kone, aponari mone

akasher neel rong -

khela kore jano, asheni kokhono

emono modhuro khon ;

aajibon dhore jaano tar tore

royechi shudhui daariye ;

aasha niye mone, hoyto shopone

debe se du-haath baariye.

Purono Chora

chottobalai prothom lekha ankora ak chora ;

porikhhar ager raate golper boi pora ;

school er sheshe gorer mathe shudhui cricket khela ;

adda mere katiye deowa sara bikel bela ;

ektu boro hobar pore JU campus ;

college kete cinema, r GL6 bus ;

koto notun bondhu paowa, koto loker bhir ;

se chilo ak jibon bote, duronto osthir ;

aro onek cholar baki, bolar baki mor ;

dekhar baki andhar raati, surjodoyer bhor ;

sukher bhitor dukher basha, dukher bhitor sukh ;

amar ki jai ashe tate, jamon chole choluk.

Chotobalar Kobita

akash theke brishti naami

ghuchiye dilo moner glani ;

jibon pother shokto mati

shokto holeo noyto khnati ;

sei matike bhijiye diye

namlo bari jhorjhoriye ;

pran-sagorer duronto dheu

ghirlo more, roilo na keu ;

poran amar akash-paane

roilo cheye jader taane ,

taderi baani ashlo bheshe

somukhe mor choddobeshe ;

dekhar majhe odekhare

dekhte je mon parlo na re ;

parlo na to mukhti pete

nitto-diner badhon theke ;

sei badhonei porlo badha ;

hridoye fer laglo kada.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


After spending the whole day reading papers, thinking hard, and staring blankly at the walls, I decided to hit the gym. When you are mentally exhausted, the best way to recharge your batteries is to exhaust yourself physically as well. At least you will have a good night sleep, making it easier to refrain from obsessing over that problem you are trying to crack since the past couple of months.

While running on a treadmill, a piece of thought occurred to me. Let me begin with a gentle warning: I am a self confessed nerd, and by implication, a slew of weird thoughts capture my imagination all the time. To be honest, I had read about it somewhere long time back, and do not claim the perspective to be an original one. Nevertheless, I would like to articulate the viewpoint.

A person should have a clear idea of what she wants to achieve in her life. I intend to use the word achievement in the broadest sense possible. Indeed, one may aspire to become a respected professional, a loving daughter and wife, a trusted friend, and all these are considered to be achievements. A way of verifying that you are on track, an easy way, is to ask yourself whether or not you are trying hard enough. However, this can often be misleading. Suppose you are running on a treadmill. Close your eyes, and it will feel as if you are working very hard, perspiring a lot, and making great strides towards your goal; whereas in reality, you are stuck at the same place, wasting valuable energy for no good reason. A similar situation might arise in life. So the next time you approach nervous breakdown due to late nights in office, or get emotionally drained out in a relationship, open your eyes and honestly ask yourself: Is it worth it? If the answer is no, better change course late than never.